Brown bins are only available under the Garden Waste Collection Scheme which is a yearly chargeable subscription service where we collect your garden waste from your home for recycling. Visit our Join the Garden Waste Collection Scheme page for details.

On collection day

Here's what to expect on collection day and what you should do to prepare your bin for collection:

  • Please do not pack garden waste too tightly into your bin - the waste should be loose enough for the bin to beemptied easily
  • We will only collect garden waste from the authorised address and in the approved brown bins
  • Put your brown bin or compostable sack out for collection before 7am on your green bin or lilac sack collection day
  • The bin must be placed in a clearly visible and accessible location where your property meets the publicly adopted highway/pavement (or where your property meets the agreed private road) and with the lid closed
  • Please do not obstruct the pavement when placing your bins out for collection

Also see Putting out your bins for collection and What goes in brown bins and paper sacks

Assisted collection of your brown bin

If you currently receive an assisted collection you will also receive assisted collection for your brown bin.

Charges for brown bin collections

There is a charge of £85 per brown bin and this is taken yearly, by direct debit.

If you receive housing benefit, council tax support and universal credit (housing element) the charge is reduced to £50 per brown bin. If you no longer receive the benefits declared when you took out your subscription, you can continue to use the brown bin collection scheme until renewal. At renewal, you be required to pay for the next yearly subscription at the standard cost.

If your bin goes missing, there is a £35 charge to replace it. Once the fee is paid, we will arrange the delivery of a replacement bin.

No refunds will be given once the contract is activated.

Cleaning and maintenance of your brown bin

You are responsible for cleaning and replacement in the event of damage or theft. You cannot use liners or bags within the bins as these are non-biodegradable and therefore cannot be taken to the composting plant.

We will repair/replace the bin if affected by fair wear and tear. Any replacement brown bin may not be new.

If we have removed your bin because you contaminated it you will need to wait 3 months before you can subscribe again.

If you are moving house

If you are moving to a property serviced by us you can take your bin with you. Tell us your new address using the online form and we will transfer the service. If you do not tell us, our crews will not be authorised to empty the bin at your new property.

If you are moving outside of Oxford or to a property we do not service, let us know and we will collect the brown bin. Do remember to cancel your direct debit with us to prevent any payments from being taken.

Update or cancel your garden waste collections

Contact the Recycling and Waste Team

Address: Cowley Marsh Depot
Marsh Road

Telephone: 01865 249811

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