All requests for new, replacement, larger, smaller or additional bins are subject to approval from one of our recycling officers.

Charges for bins

There is a £35 charge for a bin unless it's been damaged by our collection crew (they will raise a bin delivery free of charge).

All food caddies are provided free of charge.

Lost or stolen bins

You will need to pay for a replacement bin if yours is lost or stolen. We encourage residents to:

  • use a permanent marker, paint or stickers to clearly mark the bin with your address, house number or property name (the colour of the bin must still be visible and marking the bin must not damage it)
  • collect your bin as soon as possible after collection

New address or property

You'll need to order and pay for a bin if there's no bin at your new property when you move. Bins cannot be delivered to empty properties so you should only order bins when you have told the Council Tax Team you have moved into the property.


All new and replacement bins must be paid for and we will not deliver a bin where no payment is received.

We will also not collect bags of waste from properties that can accommodate a wheelie bin but have chosen not to pay for one. 

If you do not want to pay for a new or replacement bin you can dispose of your household waste at a Household Waste Recycling Centre

If you need a larger or additional bin

You can order a larger, smaller or additional bin and this will be subject to assessment and approval from one of our Recycling Officers. If this is not approved you'll get a refund.

Eligibility for Blue recycling bins

You may be eligible for a larger or additional bin if you regularly produce additional recycling. Please make sure you have adequate storage for a larger or additional bin.

If you don't produce extra recycling often you shouldn't need to order another blue bin, see what to do with extra waste.

Green rubbish bins

In exceptional circumstances, if you regularly produce more rubbish than can fit into your green rubbish bin you may be eligible for a larger or additional bin.

Larger green bins will not be issued unless all recyclable material is being recycled, including food waste. If we find food waste in your green bin we won't provide a larger one.

Size of new bins

All new and replacement bins, including any damaged during collections, will be the standard size. These are:

  • blue recycling bins - 240L capacity, 1070mm high x 585mm wide x 740mm deep
  • green rubbish bins - 180L capacity, 1070mm high x 585mm wide x 700mm deep

Size of free food caddies 

We provide free food caddies in 2 sizes:

  • 5L food caddies are for use in the kitchen, these can be put out on collection day but they cannot be locked
  • 23L food caddies are for external storage and putting out on collection day, these can be locked to prevent animals from accessing the food

Delivery of your bin or food caddy

  • Payment is required before delivery of new or replacement can be arranged
  • All bins and food caddies will be delivered within 30 working days of payment
  • We cannot provide a delivery date
  • When we deliver your bin, we will also remove your old bin (for recycling into other plastic products)

How to order a new bin or free food caddy

Ordering new or replacement bins is the responsibility of the property owner or managing agent.

Property owner

If you're living in a property you own, get in touch with the Recycling and Waste Team to order your bin.


If you rent the property, it's the landlord, managing agent or developer's responsibility to request new or replacement bins. 

Landlords, Managing agents and developers

If you own or manage a property or are developing new properties, you are responsible for requesting new or replacement bins. You'll need to send an email to

Contact the Recycling and Waste Team

Address: Cowley Marsh Depot
Marsh Road

Telephone: 01865 249811

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