Housing repairs

We will only be able to respond to emergency requests from 3pm on Thursday 13 May until 19 May at 9am

Oxford City Council is introducing a new system to improve how we hold and manage information about housing, tenancies, and repairs.

The system will support our internal processes and make them more efficient by improving access to information; it will make it easier and quicker to respond to your queries.

As information is moved from the old to the new system there will be a short period when the repairs service will be affected. The changeover means that the City Council will only be able to respond to emergency requests from 3pm on Thursday 13 May until 19 May at 9am. The Council will continue to deliver all previously appointed work during this period and ensure that there is sufficient capacity to attend to emergencies as they arise.

Emergency requests include circumstances where there is:

  • A loss of power
  • An uncontainable water leak
  • Inability to secure your property
  • A severe blockage

The Council appreciates that this could cause a temporary and short term inconvenience for some customers, but we believe that the improvements offered by the system will be valuable to all.

Once the new system is in place customers will continue to report their repairs in the same way as previously – they will not notice any difference. 

No Heating or Hot Water?

If your gas boiler displays F28, E4 or E5, it may be due to the condense pipe from the boiler being frozen.

The condense pipe is normally  a white or black 15mm diameter pipe which leads to the outside. You can, if the pipe is easily accessible and the tenant feels competent, pour hot water (not boiling) over the pipe to defrost it.

The boiler will need to be reset and can take up to 15 minutes to reset.  If this does not work please call the contact centre on 01865 249811. Please be advised we are experiencing a high volume of calls due to the weather.

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