Purchasing compostable sacks

Compostable paper sacks can be purchased as part of our garden waste scheme and are an alternative to a 240L garden waste bin.

Sacks cost £40.35 for 10 sacks and £60 for 20 sacks. If you are in receipt of housing benefit, council tax support and universal credit (housing element), we offer a concession at the price of £47.16 for 20 sacks.

The resident can utilise the service until they run out out compostable sacks. If they wish to continue using the service the resident will be required to purchase more sacks.

On your collection day you can put out as many sacks as you want.

Sack delivery

We are currently delivering compostable sacks to resident addresses.

Compostable sacks enquiries

To order compostable sacks and for all other enquiries please call us on 01865 249811.