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Recycling and waste

Recycling and Waste - Top Tasks

Student Moving Out campaign 2015

Moving out? Donate unwanted items to the British Heart Foundation at the temporary collection banks located at:

  • The corner of East Avenue and Morrell Avenue
  • Morrell Avenue, near the junction with Warneford Road
  • The junction of Gray's Road and Old Road
  • Oxford Brookes' Headington Hill campus
  • Magdalen Road Church
  • The corner of Marston Street and Cowley Road
  • Manzil Way Gardens
  • Albert Street, near the junction with Cardigan Street.

Find out more about where to donate unwanted items or get recycling information for students.

Moving Out campaign banner


Plastics Recycling

Plastic can be recycled into all sorts of things, including clothes, toys, chairs, street furniture and bins. In Oxford you can recycle several different types of plastic in your blue recycling bin including drinks bottles, cleaning bottles, shampoo bottles, medicine tubs, ready meal trays, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, bubble wrap, cling film and many more. Have a look at our plastic recycling page to learn more or check out our plastic recycling leaflet (PDF).

Pledge4Plastics is a nationwide recycling campaign where you can pledge to recycle one more thing and be in with a chance of winning an exclusively designed phone case. You can also learn all about plastic on the Pledge 4 Plastics website, including this great video showing the plastic bottle recycling journey.

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Kerbside Small Electrical Recycling

Oxford City residents have done a fantastic job of recycling small electrical items. Over 60 tonnes of electrical items have been recycled since the pink collection banks were introduced into Oxford in July 2012.

The kerbside collection scheme now makes it even easier for you to recycle small electrical and battery powered items at the kerbside.

See our Small electrical items collections page for more information.

Recycling electricals banner


Flats food recycling project

We're now into the second year of a three year project to introduce food recycling to all flat sites across Oxford. All Oxford City Council owned flat sites now have food recycling facilities and we are now extending this to privately owned properties.

Food waste is collected for recycling weekly, so you don't need to store it in your green refuse bin for a fortnight. The food that you recycle is used to generate electricity, as well as agricultural compost and soil fertilisers used on local farmland. More information can found on our Food Recycling page.




Flats and HMO Recycling and Waste - Information for Managing Agents and Landlords

Due to a change in our recycling collection policy, if you manage a communal refuse and recycling store, you may need to take action now.

Visit our Flats and HMO Recycling Policy page for full details.



Recycling Newsletter

Keep up to date with recycling and waste in Oxford by signing up to the Recycle4Oxford newsletter.

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