New bin requests

Getting a replacement bin

From 24 April 2023 there will be a charge for all replacement bins. The cost for a replacement bin is £30. Please ensure you have checked to locate your bin before requesting one as this fee is non-refundable.

Ordering a new or replacement bin

To order to a new or replacement bin please get in touch with us using the contact details at the bottom of the page. There is a £30 charge for ordering a new or replacement bin. If the crew have damaged your bin, they will raise a bin delivery free of charge.

If you or our crews order a new or replacement bin it will be replaced with a standard size bin. Our standard sizes are:

  • Blue recycling bin - 240 litre capacity - Height 1070mm, Width 585mm, Depth 740mm
  • Green rubbish bin - 180 litre capacity - Height 1070mm, Width 585mm, Depth 700mm

If you order a new or replacement bin they are subject to approval from a one of our recycling officers.

If you live in an HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) or flat site, it is your landlord's responsibility to provide bins. Please ask your landlord to contact us directly.

New or replacement bin charges

Why we charge for new or replacement bins

A £30 charge has been implemented for the provision of new or replacement bins. The charge is a contribution to the overall cost of the bin, administration, delivery and disposal of the damaged bin. Every year the Council provides over 1,000 free replacement blue, green and brown wheelie bins, however this is no longer sustainable. Food caddies are free of charge.

When the charges apply

The charges apply:

  • If a bin is lost or stolen
  • If you move into a new property and bins are not present
  • If you order additional bins for the property

Lost or stolen bins

You will need to pay for a replacement bin if yours is lost or stolen. We encourage residents to:

  • Use a permanent marker, paint or stickers to clearly mark your address or link the bin to your property. The colour of the bin must still be visible and marking the bin must not damage it
  • Try to ensure that the bin is brought back in as soon as possible after collection. Collection crews will return the bin to the same place it was collected or to a safe place

The charge for the new or replacement bin is non-refundable. If your old bin turns up after you have paid for a replacement we will deliver your new bin and remove your old one.

New address or property

If there are no bins at your property when you move address you will need to order them. Bins cannot be delivered to empty properties. You should only order bins when you have told the council tax team you have moved into the property.

Payment for bins

Payment is required before delivery of new or replacement can be arranged. 


Bins will not be delivered where a resident refuses to pay. We will not be able to collect bags of waste from properties which can accommodate a wheelie bin but have chosen not to pay for one. You can dispose of your household waste at a Household Waste Recycling Centre if you do not want to pay for new or replacement bin.


We are only able to provide refunds if your request for an additional bin is not approved by a Recycling Officer. 

Delivery of bins

Your new bin will be delivered within 30 working days. We will supply you with a replacement and remove your old bin which will be recycled into other plastic products. We are not able to provide you with a bin delivery date. Wheelie bins are available by delivery only, residents are not permitted to collect wheelie bins from the depot for operational and health and safety reasons.

Recycling boxes

We no longer issue recycling boxes. If your old box is damaged or has gone missing you will need to order a wheelie bin.