The Garden Waste Collection Scheme is a yearly service where we pick up your garden waste from your home, using a brown bin or special compostable bags. You'll need to pay for this service and sign up to start using it.

How to join and get a brown bin

You can apply to join the Garden Waste Collection Scheme for brown bin collections online. Find charges and more information in our brown bin collections guide.

Following your request we will send an agreement to you and request that you make your annual subscription payment. Your brown bin will be delivered to your property within 20 working days of the payment clearing. 

Request to join the scheme for brown bin collections

How to join and get compostable sacks

You can apply to join the Garden Waste Collection Scheme for compostable sack collections by telephone. Find charges and more information in our compostable sack collections guide.

When your application is complete, we will deliver your compostable sacks to your address and we will inform the collection crews to include your property on their rounds.

Call us on 01865 249811 to apply to join the scheme and order your sacks,

Rejoining the scheme after you have left

You may reapply but may not be able to rejoin immediately as we have to plan each season in advance. 

If your collections stopped due to non-payment, your subscription contract will be backdated to when it originally ended. If 1 year has lapsed a new contract will be generated.

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