Oxford Open Doors debuting live streaming service

Published: Thursday, 30th August 2018

Oxford Open Doors will now be offering internet users, as well as local residents, the chance to explore some of Oxford's most significant contemporary and historic buildings.

Online viewers will be able to experience elements of the weekend from the comfort of their electronic device for free, with select tours and lectures set to be captured and live streamed directly via the Oxford Preservation Trust website.

Organised by Oxford Preservation Trust through a partnership with the University of Oxford, Oxford Open Doors is an annual event where doors usually closed to the public are opened and curious explorers invited in, all in the name of celebrating the city’s places, spaces and people.

This year’s event takes place from Saturday 8 September to Sunday 9 September, and is themed around ‘Extraordinary People’.

Oxford Open Doors’ introduction of live streaming is supported by Oxford City Council.  It is intended as a way of increasing the event’s outreach and engaging the widest possible audience. It is ideal for those who would normally be unable to attend because of accessibility, monetary or logistical reasons.

Alongside the live events shown on the Oxford Preservation Trust website, there will also be a series of cultural content pre-recorded especially for the occasion. The live stream programme details will be available on the Oxford Preservation Trust from Monday 3 September.

The live streams will not be archived, so potential viewers are urged to plan ahead to ensure nothing of interest is missed.

The debut of live streaming across the weekend will be used to see what interest there is in the service generally for Oxford’s cultural events.

The service will be provided by Oxford University IT services and Streamer, an Anglo-Danish technology company who have developed a range of products to enable easy live streaming with professional quality for arts organisations, businesses, sports events, music concerts and conferences. 

The streaming programme will run on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September. Find out more on the Oxford Preservation Trust website.

Debbie Dance, Oxford Preservation Trust Director says: “Oxford Preservation Trust brings Oxford Open Doors to the city and its residents each year. Every year we work hard to widen our audience so the chance to work with Oxford City Council and Oxford University to live stream some of our special places and people is something new and a brilliant idea.”

Councillor Mary Clarkson, Board Member for Culture and City Centre, says: “I am delighted that Oxford Preservation Trust is extending its warm welcome to Oxford Open Doors to those online who wish to view some of the programme treasures. Live streaming is a great step forward for accessibility and inclusivity within Oxford’s cultural sector, breaking down boundaries that may have otherwise meant certain people wouldn’t be able to attend. Whether up close and personal or watching on your device, I encourage everyone to find out more about the extraordinary people of this marvellous place”.