Drop in and join us, says Oxford Homeless Movement

Published: Wednesday, 9th October 2019

Oxford Homeless Movement is inviting residents, businesses and organisations in Oxford to get involved, join the Movement and attend its drop in launch event on World Homeless Day, Thursday 10 October

The launch event will celebrate the establishment of the new citywide partnership aiming to work together to ensure that nobody should have to sleep rough in Oxford. It will take place at Open House, 36 Little Clarendon Street, between 10am and 1pm and later from 3pm until 6:30pm.

People, businesses and organisations attending the celebrations will be able to drop in and sign the rough sleeping charter that sets out the Movement’s vision and values for ending homelessness in Oxford – and to make commitments about what they can do to help achieve this.

In addition to the rough sleeping charter, Oxford Homeless Movement is also launching a website - aimed at people who need help or who want to help end homelessness. The Movement is fundraising to help meet its objectives and the website also provides the opportunity for individuals, businesses and organisations to make donations to fund current services and develop new initiatives.  

“It feels particularly apt to be launching Oxford Homeless Movement on World Homeless Day because we’re working together with the aim of ensuring that nobody should have to sleep rough in Oxford. Whether you’re a business, organisation or someone who cares about homelessness and wants to do something about it, we’d love to see you at Open House on Thursday to sign the rough sleeping charter and tell us how you can help.

“If you need help or want to help but don’t know what to do, our website can link you with the right services and people. You can also make a donation through the website to help the services that already work so hard to help people experiencing homelessness in Oxford and to fund new initiatives.

“Everybody can do something to help, and we’re really excited about the opportunities Oxford Homeless Movement can create to beat homelessness by working together. We think this is something to celebrate. So please come down to Open House on Thursday, grab yourself a slice of cake and get involved!”

Jane Cranston, chair of Oxford Homeless Movement

“Nearly two years ago we started the City Conversation on rough sleeping, which brought together more than 100 organisations and people who wanted to take action to tackle the homelessness crisis in Oxford. The City Conversation agreed that nobody should have to sleep rough in Oxford and to develop a rough sleeping charter setting out a common vision and values. A lot of hard work has gone on behind the scenes since then and now it’s time to turn Conversation into Movement.

“Whether you’re a business, an organisation or an individual, everyone can do something to help end homelessness. So please drop in to Open House, sign the rough sleeping charter and join our Movement.

“We know that people who live and work in Oxford are concerned about rough sleeping and want to help, and the Movement website makes it easy to do this. You can find out how to give your time, money and help in kind to organisations helping people experiencing homelessness, and donate directly to Oxford Homeless Movement. All the money the Movement raises will be split between charities providing services in the city, the assessment hub and shelter opening in Floyds Row and a new impact fund aimed at developing new services.

“By working together we can help achieve our goal that nobody should have to sleep rough on the streets of Oxford.”

Councillor Linda Smith, deputy leader of Oxford City Council and cabinet member for leisure and housing

“We know how much people in Oxford care. Lots of people want to help end homelessness. We’ve made it easier. Come and get involved in Oxford Homeless Movement by signing the charter or exploring the website to see the ways in which you can help. If you want to donate to make a difference you can also do this through the website.”

Jayne Woodley, CEO of Oxfordshire Community Foundation

"Aspire is delighted to be part of Oxford Homeless Movement. This Movement represents an exciting step forward in how we are coming together to address our community's homeless crisis. We're looking forward to working in partnership to share our learnings, ideas and challenges and strongly believe that our collective voice as a Movement will make a significant difference in tackling homelessness in Oxfordshire. We're particularly pleased that lived experience will play such a major role within the Movement: over 50 percent of our team at Aspire has lived experience and we're absolutely committed to ensuring that the people we support can have their voice heard."

Paul Roberts, chief executive officer, Aspire

“We are one of the organisations involved in the city wide partnership. As the largest accommodation provider; with over 30 years of supporting homeless and vulnerably housed people across the county, we welcome the opportunity to work collectively with the other organisations involved with Oxford Homeless Movement in support of reducing rough sleeping in Oxford.

"We have signed up to the charter and encourage others to do so.”

Claire Dowan, chief executive of Homeless Oxfordshire

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