Event venue locations - Oxford city centre

Event venue locations - Parks and open spaces

City parks

Neighbourhood parks

Local parks

  • Alexandra Park, Middle Way, Oxford, OX2 7LH
  • Aristotle Lane, Oxford, OX2 6TP
  • Florence Park, Rymers Lane, OX4 3JZ
  • Balfour Road Park, Balfour Road, OX4 6AW
  • Barton Bradley Recreation Ground, Barton Road, OX3 9LB
  • Bernwood Park, Bernwood Road, Headington, OX3 3HB
  • Bertie Place, Oxford, OX1 4XQ
  • Boults Lane Recreation Ground, Boults Lane, Marston, OX3 0PW
  • Elizabeth Place, Northway Estate, OX2
  • Gaisford Road Recreation Ground, Gaisford Road, OX4 3LQ
  • Horspath Road Recreation Ground, Horspath Road, OX4 2RL
  • John Allen Rec, Nr John Allen Centre, Cowley, OX4 3JP
  • Lockheart Crescent, OX4 3RN
  • Manzil Way Gardens, Manzil Way, Cowley
  • Meadow Lane Rec, Meadow Lane, Iffley, OX4 1SR
  • Mill Lane Recreation Ground, Mill Lane Old Marston, OX3 0QW
  • Mistletoe Green, Oxford, OX4 7FY
  • Normandy Crescent Recreation Ground, Normandy Crescent, OX4 2TF
  • Oxford Road Recreation Ground, Oxford Road, OX4 4QL
  • Peat Moors, Headington, OX3 7HS
  • Quarry Hollow, OX3 8JR
  • Ridgefield Road Recreation Ground, Ridgefield Road, OX4 3DB
  • Ridgeway Road Recreation Ground, Ridgeway Road, OX3 8DS
  • Ridley Road Recreation Ground, Ridley Road, OX4 2QJ
  • Rose Hill Recreation Ground, Ashhurst Way, OX4 4RF
  • Sandfield Road, Headington, OX3 7RW
  • Thames View, Thames View Road, OX4 4TQ
  • The Oval, Rose Hill, OX4 4SE
  • Underhill Circus, Headington OX3
  • Valentia Road, Headington, OX3
  • Wolvercote Bathing Place, Godstow Road, OX2 8PG
  • Wood Farm Recreation Ground, Wood Farm

Event venue locations - Countryside sites

  • Barracks Lane Meadow, Barracks Lane, OX4 2AS
  • Barton Village Nature Park, Harolde Close, Barton, OX3 9SQ
  • Burgess Field Nature Park, Access Via Port Meadow, Walton Well Road, OX2 6ED
  • Chilswell Valley, Chilswell Path, South Hinksey, OX1 5AP
  • Court Place Farm Nature Park, Marsh Lane, New Marston, OX3 9QP
  • Cowley Marsh Nature Reserve, Marsh Road, Cowley, OX4 2NZ
  • Fiddler's Island, Medley, Binsey Lane, OX2 0NJ
  • Grandpont Nature Park, White House Road, Oxford, OX1 4QJ
  • Iffley Meadow Nature reserve, Donnington Bridge Road, OX1 4UP (Site of Special Scientific Interest)
  • Kendall Copse, Kennington Road, Kennington, OX1 4XS
  • Longbridges Nature Park, Donnington Bridge Road, OX4 4AX
  • Lye Valley Nature Reserve, 169 The Slade, Headington, OX3 7HP (Site of Special Scientific Interest)
  • Magdalen Quarry, William Kimber Crescent, Gladstone Road, OX3 8LW (Site of Special Scientific Interest)
  • Magdalen Wood, Atkyns Road, Wood Farm, Headington, OX3 8RA
  • Meadow Lane Nature Park, Meadow Lane, Iffley, OX4 4BL
  • Milham Ford Nature Park, Harberton Mead, Off Marston Road, OX3 0FL
  • Peasmore Piece Nature Park, Copse Lane, New Marston, OX3 0AY
  • Port Meadow, Walton Well Road and Godstow Road, OX2 6QY (Site of Special Scientific Interest, Special Area of Conservation, Scheduled Ancient Monument)
  • Raleigh Park, Harcourt Hill, Raleigh Park Road and Yarnells Hill, OX2 9AS
  • Raleigh Park Paddock, Harcourt Hill, Raleigh Park Road and Yarnells Hill, OX2 9AS
  • Rock Edge Nature Reserve, Windmill Road/Old Road, Headington, OX3 8NE (Site of Special Scientific Interest)
  • Seacourt Nature Park, Botley Road, Oxford, OX2 0JB
  • Shotover Country Park, Old Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 8TA (Site of Special Scientific Interest)
  • Spindleberry Nature Park, Spindleberry Close, OX4 6DU
  • Sunnymead Meadow, Water Eaton Road, Sunnymead, OX2 7QH
  • The Kidneys, Next to Isis School, Bedford Street, OX4 1TJ
  • Trap Grounds, Frenchay Road, OX1 1AF
  • Wolvercote Hurst, Ulfgar Road, Upper Wolvercote, OX2 8AZ

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