"The level of communication, efficiency and transparency throughout the process has been fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend the DPS team to any interested parties."

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Suppliers can access and apply to join the DPS at no cost via the In-tend portal. Download our User Guide on how to Express an Interest.

  • Project ID: OCC000004
  • Project title: Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the Supply of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure and Associated Services
  • Organisation: Oxford City Council
  • Portal: In-tend Portal

Electric vehicle charger in vehicle


The benefits of being enrolled on this DPS include:

  • LEVI and ORCS ready solution with standards and requirements already baked in. This ensure only suppliers that make the grade become DPS members.
  • The supplier application process is simple with supplier applications reviewed regularly so you need never miss a tender opportunity
  • Should you not be successful in joining, you can reapply at any time.
  • The Umbrella contract, which all DPS members sign, saves both suppliers and public sector organisations time and money supporting a rapid but robust tender processes
  • The DPS is both supplier and public sector focussed. We have a suite of tools to support tender writing to make bid responses easier to write for DPS members
  • The DPs attracts a 0.7% rebate fee from DPS members which is only applicable on contract award. The payment schedule will flex to ensure DPS members only pay when invoices have been paid. This allows suppliers big and small to safe guard all important cash flow.
  • Our numerous procurement tools as well as DPS member compliance checker tool are all accessible for public sector organisations prior to contract award. This supports a fast route from award to contract signing.
  • Only those who are DPS members can use our accreditation logo. A status that helps you attract new business.


  1. Supplier DPS application process 1 to 9 Lots
  2. Evaluation process to become a DPS member
  3. DPS membership awarded and Accreditation logo sent
    • Not granted membership - reapply at any time
  4. DPS members access Stage 2 tenders

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see out Suppliers Frequently Asked Questions page.

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