Question 1. How do we share the DPS with other local authorities?

Please share this website with them.

Question 2. What other suppliers are enrolled on the DPS?

A list of suppliers currently enrolled can be found on our Supplier list page.

Question 3. Does the DPS have an upper limit value?

No, there is no upper limit value.

Question 4. Is there an accreditation for being enrolled on the DPS?

Yes, once you are enrolled on the DPS we will provide you with our DPS logo to use in your communications.

Question 5. Our Company is a start-up, can we still apply?

Yes. We understand nascent technology and businesses are an important part of the developing EV world and so have designed the application process to reflect this. To help ensure your successful enrolment, and to prevent any delays, please provide as many relevant supporting financial documents as possible.

Question 6. Our Company is not an OLEV registered installer but our subcontracted company is, is this sufficient?

Yes, this is sufficient. Please include the name of the OLEV registered company you subcontract in the relevant compliance item. This streamlines the evaluation process and will allow us to respond to your application quicker.   

Question 7. Which Local Authorities are signed up to the DPS?

The number of local authorities signed up to the DPS can be seen on the homepage. We are hoping to share a list of the local authorities who have agreed for their enrolment on the DPS to be public soon.


Question 8. How long does the application process take?

We have made every effort to make the application process as simple as possible. Once we receive your application we aim to review it and respond within 2 weeks.

Question 9. If our application is unsuccessful can we reapply?

Yes. The DPS is always open so if your application is unsuccessful we will provide you with feedback and you can reapply at any time.

Question 10. Can we apply for more than one lot?

Yes. You can apply for a number of lots at the same time. Alternatively, as the DPS is always open you can apply for different lots over a period of time.

Question 11. We plan to apply to more than one lot, can we use the same case studies in our application for each lot?

As long as case studies are relevant to the LOT you are applying for, then you may use the same case study. Think carefully though about only using 4 to reflect the breadth of your offer if you copy and paste to each LOT.

Question 12. We have a question about our application, who should we contact?

The quickest route to a response is to ask your question through the DPS Intend Portal. Once your query is submitted our team will be alerted and will respond as soon as possible.

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