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Zero Carbon Oxford

Zero Carbon Oxford is the goal for Oxford to achieve zero carbon emissions across the city as a whole by the year 2040 - ten years ahead of the legal deadline set by Government.

Zero Carbon Oxford partnership

Partnership and collaboration is key to achieving this goal, and in February 2021, the Zero Carbon Oxford Partnership was created. The partnership is a group of leaders from Oxford’s main institutions and employers, including the universities, hospitals, businesses and other organisations.

The Zero Carbon Oxford Partnership replaces the Low Carbon Oxford partnership which was established a decade ago with an aim to reduce carbon emissions in Oxford by 40% by 2020, by members managing their own carbon footprints - which the city is on course to achieve.  

Zero Carbon Oxford roadmap

In July 2021, we published the Zero Carbon Oxford roadmap which divides almost all the city’s emissions into the five sectors with the greatest climate impact - domestic, commercial, industry, institutional, and transport.

Following the timelines identified in the science-based roadmap it is predicted that by 2040, action will have reduced Oxford’s carbon emissions by 88% from 2018 levels.  
This means:

  • Domestic emissions must be reduced by 87%
  • Commercial emissions must be reduced by 86%
  • Industry related emissions must be reduced by 86%
  • Institutional related emissions must be reduced by 91%
  • Transport related emissions must be reduced by 88%

The roadmap is broken down into five-yearly carbon targets over the 22 year period between 2018-2040.

Zero Carbon Oxford Action Plan

In addition to outlining a science-based roadmap and targets for emissions, the Zero Carbon Oxford Partnership has approved an Action Plan, which outlines the ways in which the 2040 target can be achieved.

The Action Plan highlights the immediate actions required before 2030 to stay on track, including retrofitting of council homes, delivering a biodiversity strategy, supporting transformative energy systems and projects, and lobbying the government to raise energy efficiency standards in the private rented sector. As earlier and deeper decarbonisation achieves the pre-2030 actions, the Zero Carbon Oxford Partnership will decide on appropriate additional longer-term actions.

Zero Carbon Oxford projects:

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