Oxford's urban forest, consisting of all the trees and woody vegetation in our city, offers immense benefits or ecosystem services. These include providing clean air, recreational spaces, and significant carbon storage. More than just environmental assets, our urban forest is a crucial factor in improving living standards and addressing inequalities in Oxford.

Now is a crucial time to celebrate and invest in our urban forest. The climate and ecological crises, compounded by the pandemic, underscore the importance of natural environments for mental health and wellbeing. A Natural England survey revealed that 90% of people believe natural spaces positively impact mental health, with over 40% finding nature and local green spaces more vital since the onset of coronavirus restrictions.

In September 2021, we adopted the Urban Forest Strategy, a comprehensive plan for managing and enhancing Oxford's urban forest for the benefit of nature, residents, and visitors alike.

Learn more about our vision and plans for the urban forest: Download the Urban Forest Strategy - A Master Plan to 2050.

Oxford i-Tree Eco Study

The development of the Urban Forest Strategy was informed by data from the Oxford i-Tree Eco Study.

How you can contribute

There are numerous ways you can help manage and enhance our urban forest. Individuals, businesses, and institutions all play a part. For ideas and guidance, check out our What You Can Do document.

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