Housing options for older people over 55

Housing options for older people overview

If you are over 55 you may be interested in some of our specialist housing:

There is also sheltered housing available to buy - contact local estate agents about available schemes.

The Elderly Accommodation Counsel website has a list of properties which are available to buy in the area.

General Housing Register

To apply for housing designated for people over 55 or sheltered housing owned by the Council and most Housing Associations in Oxford, you need to apply to join the Oxford Register of Affordable Housing.

Making a Homeless Application

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, we may owe you some duties to help prevent or relieve your homelessness.

Visit our If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless pages for further advice or information on how to make a homeless application.

Finding a home to rent

The quickest solution to most housing issues is to secure accommodation in the Private Rented sector.

Visit our Renting a home in the private sector page for advice.


If you need assistance with paying your rent either via Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, it is important to be aware of the Local Housing Allowance rates when looking for accommodation. The Local Housing Allowance is the amount of benefits you will receive towards your rent.

The rates for our area are available on our Local Housing Allowance Rates page.