Sheltered housing is independent accommodation which usually comprises of flats in blocks, although there are some bungalows. The size of properties range from studios to one bedroom and a few two-bedroom properties.

To be eligible for sheltered housing you need to be over 60 years (55 for some schemes), usually have an identified support need and live alone or as a couple. Applicants will be contacted to be assessed so that both the applicant and the organisation are sure this type of housing will most suit their needs.

Features of sheltered housing

Sheltered housing schemes do vary. However, in general you will find most of the following features:

  • self-contained flats with their own bathrooms and fitted kitchens
  • communal facilities such as a laundry, communal social rooms, and guest room
  • social and other activities on site
  • security features such as door entry systems

Sheltered housing charges and income assessment

To cover payment of some of the charge elements highlighted below, an assessment of your income will be made to determine if you are eligible for some financial assistance via the Universal Credit system.

Charges for sheltered housing are made up of two or three different elements:


Rent is the charge for the property. The level of all social housing rents is set by the government and will reflect the size and condition of the property

Service charge

The service charge covers things like cleaning the communal areas, gardening, maintaining and replacing equipment such as laundry equipment, furnishings for the common room, lifts and door entry systems

Heating and hot water

Some schemes have communal systems and the cost of these is divided between the flats. This charge is made with the rent but is not eligible for Universal Credit and must be paid from the tenants own income

Extra care housing

In addition to the features of sheltered housing this type of scheme provides tenants with planned care such as personal or domestic help and meals to ensure they can maintain their independence and sustain their tenancy.

There are extra care sheltered housing schemes in three areas in Oxford:

  • Isis Court, Cornwallis Road
  • Shotover View, Craufurd Rd (incl 2 bed shared ownership)
  • Frys Court and Potters Court, Greater Leys.

How to apply for sheltered housing

Apply for sheltered housing

To apply for sheltered housing owned by the Council and most Housing Associations in Oxford, you need to complete an application form to be included on the Oxford Register for Affordable Housing. Please see Apply for social housing for more information.

Apply for extra care housing

Your needs will be assessed by the extra care provider and the Adult Social Care Team at Oxfordshire County Council. Request an assessment of your needs at Oxfordshire County Council

Buy sheltered housing

There is sheltered housing available to buy, if this is of interest you can:

  • contact local estate agents about available schemes to buy sheltered housing
  • visit Elderly Accommodation Counsel for a list of properties available to buy in the area

More information

Visit the Oxfordshire County Council website for more details about extra care housing and the schemes available

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