Living in a tower block

Living in a tower block may be different to living in a conventional house or flat. For example there is added security to flats above the ground floor, there are internal lifts and rubbish chutes, caretaking staff and cleaners.

All tenants are jointly responsible for the environment in their tower block. Some tower blocks have their own residents association.


Tower blocks can be more secure than other dwellings due to their height and security arrangements.

You must never let anyone you don't know into the building. Never prop the door open. To increase security, some tower blocks also have electronically controlled entry and CCTV.


Because of their size and construction, tower blocks need special maintenance in the following areas:

  • Lifts
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Water pumps
  • Window cleaning
  • Lightning protection

We hold contracts for all these and check them regularly. You should contact us to report a fault.

There is no gas supply to tower blocks due to the fire risk. All your appliances, including cookers, must be electric. Your heating will be supplied by an electric heating system.

TV and mobile phone masts are common additions to tower blocks so you should receive excellent reception.

Communal Areas

These areas provide the main access to and from the building. Caretaking staff are employed to clean the lift, lobby, stairs, and other communal areas. You should also take responsibility for keeping communal areas in good condition. Information regarding the caretaking service can be found in the foyer of each tower block.

Fire safety equipment such as alarm break-glasses and fire hoses are provided in communal areas for your use in an emergency.

Remember pigeons are vermin so please do not feed them. Pigeons can cause mess and distress to everyone.


Check with your Tenancy Management Officer if your accommodation includes a laundry. If so you can buy tokens.

For the sake of your neighbours please do not to use washing machines during anti-social hours.

There are spin dryers available in some blocks, but you can dry your clothes in the open air using your balcony. Alternatively you can air your clothes in the cupboard containing your immersion heater.


Rubbish is collected from the ground floor bin store. Each flat has a chute that leads to the bin store, so you should securely bag your rubbish in small parcels, which will slide easily down the chute.

Blockages can be a problem; do not attempt to put large items in the chute. Free collection of bulky items from the bin store can be arranged by contacting us. Visit our Bulky Waste Collections page for full details. You should move your bulky items to the ground floor using the lift.


You must have our permission to keep a pet

Dogs and cats are not permitted in tower blocks with the exception of guide dogs for visually impaired people.