If you live in a council home in Oxford, it's important to know the rules about keeping pets. We aim to ensure pets are suitable for your home and do not cause disturbance to your neighbours.

However, please be aware that pets are not allowed in sheltered accommodation.

Things to consider before getting a pet

Consider the following before getting a pet:

  • always seek our permission before bringing any pet into your council home
  • consider the costs, including pet insurance
  • think about the exercise needs of the pet
  • research laws around dangerous animals and protected species

How to obtain permission for a pet

To apply for a pet in your council home, please use the form below:

We will review and:

  • approve pets that are appropriate for your type of property
  • generally not permit pets in flats or upper maisonettes, except for guide or hearing dogs
  • always approve guide dogs or hearing dogs for residents with disabilities

Apply for permission to keep a pet

Responsibilities if permission is granted

Once you have our permission, you must:

  • be a responsible pet owner
  • ensure your pet does not cause disturbances or damage to the property
  • understand that we may withdraw permission if problems occur
  • avoid pet-related nuisances, such as continuous barking
  • prevent pets from fouling in communal or public areas
  • arrange holiday care for your pet

Specific rules for dog owners

If you have a dog:

  • ensure it does not cause disturbances through barking or aggression
  • keep it on a lead in communal areas and clean up after it
  • prevent any damage to your home by the dog

Building structures for pets

If you wish to build structures like pigeon lofts or chicken coops:

  • consult your Tenancy Management Officer first
  • apply for written permission from us
  • be aware that you may also need planning permission

Up to six hens can be kept, but keeping a cockerel is not allowed.

Contact the Tenancy Management Team

Address: Town Hall
St Aldate's

Telephone: 01865 249811

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