Keeping your estate in good condition

Waste and Recycling Disposal

You must get rid of rubbish or unwanted items from your home (including the garden) by using the collection service provided by us.

You must only leave refuse outside your home on the actual day the collection service comes to your area or on the evening before.

Alternatively you can take unwanted items to one of the waste recycling centres provided by Oxfordshire County Council.


You must not leave any rubbish or unwanted items in public areas. Dumping rubbish is dangerous and illegal. You should report any flytipping in your area to us. 

Do not leave large items of furniture or rubbish outside your home. If you have large items to get rid of, ask us for a free bulky waste collection. Up to three items can be taken away at a time. 

Do not store items that you no longer want, or such things as bikes, prams or pushchairs in communal areas.

If you do any of the above you are breaching Health and Safety Regulations, and we will insist that any items left in communal areas are removed. We have legal powers to remove these items and recharge you for any cost incurred in the removal.


If you live in one of our tower blocks or low-rise block of flats with internal shared areas, our caretaking service will deal with reports of graffiti. 

If the graffiti is on our property but in an area not covered by the Caretaking Service, contact us and we will arrange for specialist graffiti removal operatives to deal with the report.

If the graffiti is racially abusive or offensive we will aim to have it removed within 24 hours.

Graffiti on private property is not our responsibility to remove.