Apply for building regulations approval

The best way to apply for building control approval is online through the Planning Portal. You complete the form, attach your documents and make payment.

Apply and pay for building regulations approval

The Planning Portal's building control application service is separate to their planning application service. In order to begin a building control application you first need to create a building control account, even if you already have a planning application account on the Planning Portal.

Before you apply you should;

  • Check if you need building regulations approval for the work you want to do
  • Decide what type of application you want to make:
    • Full plans - This is the most thorough option. You can expect a decision within 5 weeks, or 2 months with your consent. You'll get a completion certificate within 8 weeks of completion of the building work as long as it complies. 
    • Building notice - This type of application is only for smaller projects. You can start work 2 days after your notice has been submitted. You don't get formal approval like you do with full plans.
    • Regularisation - You can apply for 'regularisation' - retrospective approval for work already carried out without consent
  • Understand how much it will cost

There's lots more information on how to apply on the Planning Portal Help pages

Building control plans and maps

Most building control applications for the erection or extension of a building require a location plan or a site plan (also known as a block plan), to be submitted as a supporting document. You can buy your plan from ReQuestaPlan, the preferred mapping partner of the Planning Portal (other plan purchase sites are available).

Paper application forms

If you cannot submit online, you can download and print a paper form. You can then complete this and send it into us. 

Download a paper form