Oxford's Population

Key Facts about Oxford

Oxford is a dynamic international city

  • Population: 154,600 (ONS 2017 mid-year estimate)
  • 33,640 students are enrolled for full-time studies in two universities
  • The largest proportion of adults in full-time studies of any city in England and Wales
  • The third highest ethnic minority population in south-east England
  • 28% of residents were born outside of the United Kingdom

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Oxford has a growing economy

  • 71% of jobs are in knowledge-intensive industries
  • 4,730 businesses provide 118,000 employee jobs
  • There are more jobs than residents – the jobs density ratio is 1.23
  • At least 46,000 people commute into Oxford for work
  • Balanced gross value added to the UK economy in 2016 was £6.75 billion
  • Key sectors of industry are health, education, research, technology, tourism, car manufacturing, and publishing
  • Nearly seven million visitors came through the city in 2014, supporting over 13,000 jobs in Oxford

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Oxford is not without its challenges

  • 10 out of 83 neighbourhoods are amongst the 20% most deprived in England
  • 22% of adults have no or low educational qualifications
  • After housing costs, 1 in 4 children live below the poverty line
  • Men in the most deprived areas live 15 years less on average than those who live in the least deprived areas
  • Average house prices are 17.3 times average earnings – the mean house price is £523,150
  • Median rent for a three-bedroom home is over half of median earnings

The 2015 Oxford Indices of Deprivation report provides charts and maps of relative deprivation throughout the city.

Housing data and market trends reports can be found on our Housing in Oxford page.

Oxford Profile 2018

A summary of key facts about Oxford's population, economy and housing

Cover of the 2018 Oxford Profile


The Social Trends in Oxford leaflet is also available for download. Published in February 2015, Social Trends in Oxford describes changes in population growth, employment, housing and inequality.


Social Trends in Oxford


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