Report a HMO

All HMOs in Oxford must have a licence.

If you suspect a property may be an HMO without a licence you can report it anonymously for us to investigate.

Report an unlicensed HMO

If we investigate:

  • Tenants of unlicensed HMOs can claim up to a year’s rent back from their landlord.
  • Section 21 Notices to Quit are not valid whilst an HMO remains unlicensed.
  • We can enter houses at any reasonable time to investigate offences without having to give notice.

If we find the property is an unlicensed HMO, we will take enforcement action.

You can check our list of licensed properties on our Register of HMO Licences

Disrepair in HMOs

All HMOs must be managed effectively and failing to keep an HMO in good and safe repair is an offence. We enforce minimum standards for all licensed HMOs.

If you know of an HMO which is unsafe, in poor repair or you have concerns about the management, you can report it to us for investigation.

Report an HMO in disrepair