If you are a landlord renting out a property, the responsibility for paying Council Tax depends on what sort of letting arrangement you have.

When the tenant is responsible

The tenant is responsible for the Council Tax when you rent the whole property to one person, family, or joint tenants. We will send the bill to your tenant(s).

When the landlord is responsible

If you rent out the property to several people with individual tenancy agreements for part of the building, known as a 'house in multiple occupation' (HMO), you are responsible for paying the Council Tax. We send the bill to you.

If you believe your property is incorrectly classified as a HMO, you can appeal against our decision. For more details on how to appeal, visit the Valuation Tribunal. Remember, appeals have time limits and you should follow their guidelines.

Keeping us informed

If you rent out your property, you must tell us:

  • the property address
  • the date you bought the property
  • whether the property is furnished or unfurnished
  • the previous owner's name and new address
  • your solicitor or managing agent's name and address
  • your contact details, like your mobile number, email address, and current residential address
  • details of any alterations you have made to the property

You must also tell us when tenants move in or out of your property.

A person who appears to be the owner or managing agent of a dwelling is required to supply specified information if:

  • it is in their possession or control
  • the Council requests it
  • it is required to identify the liable person for that period

A person served with such a notice must supply the information within 21 days.

Failure to provide the requested information can result in a financial penalty for an owner or managing agent who does not comply with the notice requirements.