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We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers, with a passion for the great outdoors to lead our walks in the city. Hear from Bridget, our Health Walks leader on why she enjoys being a volunteer leader

If you are considering becoming a health walk leader, we can arrange for you to attend a free day of training and we will also support you to set walks up and promote them. 

Read about Oxford Spires student Matyas Hanisch and his experience of volunteering with us as a Walk Leader assistant:

My name is Matyas Hanisch and I chose these walks originally to do my 10 hour volunteering work for my HSLA course.

During my hours my duty was to be the back marker (making sure no one gets left behind) which was a great task as all I needed to do was to make sure we kept up with the rest of the group and meanwhile we had some great conversations!

The walks took routes that avoided the main roads and tried to include special places. For example before these walks I had no idea that J. R. R. Tolkien lived in Oxford! You can even find some green parts in the middle of Oxford where you literally will think that you are in a forest far away from any towns which I found fascinating.

After the walk we would always go either to the cafe or a community building where we ate and drank a bit while continuing to talk with one another.

During this time I learned that these walking sessions are quite pleasant with great people around who are really nice and good to have a conversation with. I found the walks an excellent way for older people to get out of their house and have a beneficial effect on both their physical and social health.

I think that these walks are great, especially if you enjoy socialising as these walks are really friendly sessions where the point is to go out and walk with other people.

Matyas Hanisch - Walk leader assistant

Become a Jog leader

If you would like to become a jog leader to support one of our existing jogging groups or even start your own then we’d love to hear from you. 

We can support you with finding funding to pay for your Leadership in Running Fitness Course as well as helping with all elements of getting a new group off the ground. 

Contact us for more information.

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