The latest 2021 Census data on health, disability, and unpaid care (age-standardised figures) shows that:

  • 50% of Oxford residents are in ‘Very good health’ and 33.4% are in ‘Good health’, while those in ‘Bad health’ and ‘Very bad health’ make up 4.4%.  
  • 53.6% of Oxford residents’ activities are not limited while those who have been recorded as day-to-day activities limited a lot in Oxford make up 6.2%.
  • 10,290 residents aged 5+ years provide unpaid care where the largest group was those made up of those who provided 19 hours or less of unpaid care.

The most up-to-date statistics about disability come from the number of people claiming disability-related state benefits. In 2022 (August figures) in Oxford there were approximately:

  • 2,492 claims for Disability Living Allowance (can be claimed by children and adults) – DLA is in the process of being replaced with PIP (more information on the GOV.UK website)
  • 2,985 claims for Personal Independence Payments (claimed by people with a long-term health condition or disability aged 16 to 64)
  • 1,805 claims for Attendance Allowance (can be claimed by people aged 65 years and over 65 who are so severely disabled, physically or mentally, that they need a great deal of help with personal care or supervision)
  • 2,569 claims for Incapacity Benefit (claimed by people aged 16 to 64 who are unable to work and have been assessed as being incapable of work due to illness or disability and who meet the appropriate contribution conditions)
  • These numbers should not be added together, as some people may be eligible for and claiming more than one benefit. Also, some people who are eligible for disability-related benefits may not claim them, and others who may be disabled may not be eligible.

Further information

Benefits data available at local authority level and lower geographies from the Department for Work & Pensions.

Interactive maps of a wide range of local health indicators from Public Health England.

Health and disability data can also be found in our Area Profile reports.

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