You can search planning applications within the Oxford City boundary, have your say and follow their progress using the Public Access system.

View and comment on planning applications

By using the Public Access system you agree to the terms and conditions.

Weekly lists

A list of the applications submitted in the last week that require advertisement can be found on the Weekly List and Major Applications page. This list is updated every Tuesday.

Making comments on planning applications

You will need to include your full name and address in order for your comment to be registered. Without this information, your comments will be considered anonymous and your views cannot be taken into account. Only comments relating to 'material planning considerations' can be taken into account – see ‘what you can comment on’ below. 

When a comment has been made on a planning application, it will be uploaded to the application and will be made publicly viewable. View the planning service privacy information.

If you are drafting a comment (before submitting), there is a 30 minute time out period on the system. However, when you log back into your account, the comment will be retained for up to two days (must be on the same machine and browser) until its submission. If you are submitting a long comment, it may be easier to type it up first on a word processing document, then paste it into the comment box. There is a 10,000 character limit.

What you can comment on

Planning applications can only be decided on the basis of planning issues, including the:

  • effect on neighbours' daylight, sunlight or privacy
  • impact of traffic, road access, highway safety, parking
  • appearance, bulk or height of the scheme
  • impact on amenity, such as noise generated by the proposal
  • potential loss of a valued local service or use, such as a shop
  • effect on wildlife, listed buildings, trees etc.

Planning officers cannot consider issues such as:

  • the effect on property values
  • private issues between neighbours such as land covenants, land and boundary disputes
  • competition between rival businesses
  • party wall disputes and fire escape matters
  • the fact that a development will require a period of construction
  • loss of a private view

Track an application

You can track the progress of a current planning application up to the stage of its decision. You can track as many applications as you like.

Simply register, search for the address/reference. Each application page has a 'Track' button. Select the button to stay informed when the status of an application is updated. 

Track an application

You can also sign up to receive a reminder email about the weekly planning list.

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