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Major applications

  • 24/00732/FUL - U Y S Ltd, Garsington Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX4 2BW

Development of up to 22,375sqm open storage (Use Class B8) together with associated highways works, site-wide hard and soft landscaping works, and boundary treatment.

  • 24/00690/FUL - Beaver House And 39-42A Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX1 2ET

Demolition of Beaver House and 39 - 42 Hythe Bridge Street and construction of a new 5 storey building (Class E) with basement. Removal of modern extensions to 42A Hythe Bridge Street, refurbishment and change of use to a flexible use including Classes E and F. Further associated alterations to the site layout to include revised access, creation of a community garden and hard and soft landscaping and infrastructure works.

  • 24/00075/OUTLand At Bayswater Farm, Bayswater Farm Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Outline application (with all matters reserved except access) for up to 121 dwellings and a care home, including open space and green infrastructure.

  • 24/00335/FUL - 4200 Nash Court, John Smith Drive, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX4 2R

Demolition of existing office buildings and erection of 1no. laboratory-enabled office building for research and development with ancillary commercial space (all within use Class E). Provision of new access, alterations to existing footpath, motor vehicle and cycle parking, landscaping and services infrastructure.

  • 24/00318/FUL - Land To The North Of Goose Green Lane, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Erection of 24 dwellings, provision of vehicular and pedestrian accesses, landscaping and public open space.

  • 23/02506/CT3 - South Side, Oxpens Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX1 1RX

Construction of pedestrian/cycle bridge across the River Thames from Grandpont Nature Park to Oxpens Meadows

  • 23/02411/FUL - Land North Of Charlbury Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Erection of accommodation for boarding pupils to include access, landscaping associated bin/recycling stage, cycle storage and associated development.

  • 23/01950/FUL - County Trading Estate, Transport Way, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX4 6LX

Demolition of the existing building and construction of a new warehouse with ancillary office area.

  • 23/02092/FUL - Littlemore House, Oxford Innovation Park, 33 Armstrong Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX4 4FY

Partial demolition of and alterations to Littlemore House. Erection of 1no. research and development building (Use Class E) at Littlemore
House with ancillary accommodation, clinic, educational floorspace and restaurant, new access arrangements, parking, landscaping,
engineering and ground modelling works at Littlemore House, 33 Armstrong Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX4 4FY

  • 23/02114/FUL - John Radcliffe Hospital, Headley Way, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX3 9DU

Erection of a modular theatre building including associated infrastructure, landscaping and parking.

  • 23/01483/FUL - 13-15 Oxenford House, Magdalen Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX1 3AE

Change of use of the first to fourth floors and part basement and ground floor to provide 55no. en-suite student accommodation rooms (Sui Generis). Erection of a roof extension to the front elevation above fourth floor and a two storey roof extension to rear elevation above third floor. Alterations to basement to create plant area and bin and cycle storage. Formation of new entrance lobby to Friars Entry with reception and break out area. Alterations to fenestration.

  • 23/01198/FUL - Unit 1, Ozone Leisure Park, Grenoble Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX4 4XP

Demolition of existing Bingo Unit (Sui Generis, Classes E (b), (d), (e), (f), and (g) (i, ii or iii)); development of a new part-four/part-five storey (plus roof plant) building comprising laboratory and office space (Use Class E(g)) and a ground floor level commercial unit (Use Class E(a) or E(b)), with associated access road, public realm, hard and soft landscaping, cycle parking, EV charging, service yard, site infrastructure and associated works.

  • 23/00988/FUL - Bertie Place Recreation Ground and Land South West of Wytham street, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Erection of 31 affordable residential dwellings, with associated public open space, multi-use games area, childrens play area, access and landscaping.

  • 22/02954/OUT - Land At Oxpens Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX1 1TB

Outline application (with all matters reserved except for access) for a mixed-use scheme comprising residential and student accommodation (Class C2, Class C3 and Sui Generis), commercial, business and service (Class E), and Hotel (Class C1) uses, with public realm, landscaping, associated infrastructure and works, including pedestrian and cycle routes.

  • 22/02955/FUL - Land At Oxpens Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX1 1TB

Implementation of flood mitigation scheme and the reinstatement of the Oxpens Meadow, demolition and installation of interim boundary treatments including fencing, alongside ground works and installation of sheet piling to regrade areas of public realm, including works to the existing towpath to allow for outfall pipes.

  • 22/03049/FUL - Land North Of Bayswater Brook Oxford Oxfordshire

Erection of new A40 cycle and pedestrian bridge and associated pedestrian/cycle route connection works, formation of new vehicular access onto Elsfield Road and associated Elsfield Road/Woodeaton Road/Marston Interchange access and highway improvement works, formation of 2 no. new vehicular accesses onto Bayswater Road and associated highway improvement works on Bayswater Road, formation of 2 no. new Public Transport crossing bridges over the Bayswater Brook with associated bus route connection works, including a Public Transport-only access onto the A40, formation of 5 no. pedestrian/cycle bridges over the Bayswater Brook and associated pedestrian/cycle route connection works, flood alleviation measures along sections of the Bayswater Brook and landscape and infrastructure works (associated with the proposed residential and commercial development at Land North of Bayswater Brook solely within South Oxfordshire District Council).

  • 22/03076/FUL - 135 - 137 Botley Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Demolition of existing buildings and replacement with new building comprising R&D, office and cafe space (Use Class E), including external lighting, hard and soft landscaping, ramped access, service bay, bin store, car and cycle parking, altered vehicular access onto Botley Road, pedestrian and cycle paths, means of enclosure, utilities, and associated works.

  • 22/03078/FUL - Land Bounded By Meadow Lane And Church Way Oxford Oxfordshire OX4 4ED

Full planning permission for residential development (Use Class C3), access arrangement and public open space, landscaping, associated infrastructure and works including pedestrian and cycle routes.

  • 22/02849/FUL - Land At Winchester, Banbury And Bevington Road, Oxford

The development of land at Winchester, Banbury and Bevington Road for the provision of student accommodation through the construction of accommodation buildings, a new villa on Bevington Road and the conversion of 43-45 Banbury Road together with a student pavilion building, an academic accommodation building, maintenance and repair works to the conservatory at 59 Banbury Road and associated landscaping works including walls and railings to roadside frontages, electrical substation, associated ancillary accommodation, access, cycle parking, accessible parking and refuse and recycling facilities.

  • 22/02880/RES - Plot 2000, John Smith Drive, Oxford, OX4 2BH

Erection of 1no. laboratory enabled office building for research and development with ancillary commercial space (all within use class E). Provision of new access, motor vehicle and cycle parking, landscaping and services infrastructure. Approval of reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) pursuant to planning permission 12/01424/EXT.

  • 22/01554/FUL - Land At Elizabeth Place And Westlands Drive, Oxford, OX3 9QS

Closure of the vehicular access from Westlands Drive to Elizabeth Place. Erection of a three storey building to create 15no residential units.

  • 22/02555/FUL - Plot 27 Oxford Science Park, Robert Robinson Avenue, Oxford, OX4 4GA

Development of a laboratory and office building (Use Class E) with associated access road, landscaping, car parking, cycle parking, site infrastructure and engineering works and related works.

  • 21/01695/FUL Thornhill Park, London Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 9RX

Proposal: Proposed development of 402 apartments (Class C3), a 133 bed hotel (Class C1), employment provision in the form of an Innovation Centre (2,200 sqm), with additional mixed use accommodation to include office space, gym, café and restaurant (all within Class E), public open space, associated landscape, bicycle and car parking and the provision of a new vehicular access onto the A40.

  • 21/00110/FUL The Clarendon Centre, Cornmarket Street, Oxford, OX1 3JD

Partial demolition of Clarendon Centre, including removal of roof to the mall. Proposed redevelopment involving partial re-use and extension of existing buildings and erection of new buildings to form retail, offices, research and development, and student accommodation, with a new public square and a new pedestrian/cycle access through to Frewin Court. Provision of new public access lift to rooftop with cafe and terrace area. Tree planting, landscaping and cycle parking provision.

  • 18/03405/FUL - Holy Family Church, 1 Cuddesdon Way, Oxford OX4 6JH

Redevelopment of existing Church to provide new Church building, community facilities and 21 residential units (10 x 1 bed and 10 x 2 bed flats, and 1 x 4 bed house).

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