Rent and service charges depend on your property type and the services you receive.

The government provides a formula for calculating rent, based on local earnings, property values, and bedroom numbers.

Rent statements and balances

Your initial rent is detailed in your Tenancy Agreement. We send you a statement quarterly, showing your payments. You can request a rent statement any time using our Rent Enquiry form.

What your rent pays for

Rent funds improvements in homes, communities, and tenant services. This includes repair services, home upgrades, environmental services, and financial advice.

Calculating your service charge

Service charges cover shared area maintenance, like lift repairs, cleaning, building insurance, and Estate Manager services. The charge is divided among households using these services. We review and adjust it annually, informing you each March about the next year's charge. It's separate from your rent.

Non-payment of service charges breaches your Tenancy Agreement. Contact us immediately if you face payment difficulties.

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