Oxford City Council pays tribute to Councillor Jennifer Pegg

Published: Friday, 24th November 2017

Oxford City Council has regrettably been informed of the sad news that Councillor Jennifer Pegg has passed away. 

Councillor Jennifer Pegg, 65, was a passionate, determined, and hardworking councillor. She will be greatly missed by her friends, fellow City Councillors, City Council officers, and members of the community.

She was first elected to the City Council on 22 October 2015, representing the Northfield Brook ward. She served on the West Area Planning Committee, the Scrutiny Committee, and the Scrutiny Housing Panel.

She was involved in the City of Oxford Charity, a group of ancient charities for the benefit of the people of Oxford in need, and she was a volunteer and trustee of Rose Hill and Donnington Advice Centre.

Councillor Pegg was a retired publisher and a school governor. She had graduated with BA French, BA Political Science, and MSc International Relations. Her hobbies included gardening, travelling and films.

Councillor Bob Price, Leader of Oxford City Council said: “We are all deeply shocked by the news of Jennifer’s untimely death. She was a wonderful colleague - loyal, funny, determined, and very hard working on behalf of the community that she represented in Blackbird Leys and Greater Leys.

“She had enjoyed a very successful career in publishing, and then threw herself heart and soul into local politics. She was a fierce campaigner on women’s issues and on the serious problems of poverty across the city.

“We will miss her very deeply; she was a lovely person.”

Councillor Sian Taylor, who represented Northfield Brook ward with Councillor Pegg, said: “Jennifer chose to do what she did, both as a councillor and in her voluntary work, because she cared deeply about the people of Oxford – she was their champion and she their voice.

“We have been councillors together for a number of years. We were colleagues and friends, and we worked together very much as a team to offer support to our constituents.

“I felt a huge affection for her, and I feel shocked and saddened that we have lost someone so dedicated and hardworking. There will be a huge gap in Blackbird Leys and Greater Leys without her.”

Gordon Mitchell, Chief Executive of Oxford City Council said: “During the time I spent with Jennifer, I got a clear sense of her wanting to do the best for residents, and I know lots of staff appreciated the way she worked with officers to get things done for the community. She will be deeply missed.”