Published: Thursday, 6 June 2024

Initial public hearings on Oxford City Council’s Local Plan 2040 next week will be livestreamed.

Hearings have been scheduled for three days from Tuesday 11 June to Thursday 13 June. They will take place at Rose Hill Community Centre, starting at 9:30 am each day. 

The hearings are open for the public to observe.  

As space at the community centre is limited, the Council is encouraging interested parties to follow the livestream on its YouTube channel rather than attend in person. 

Public hearings 

The Planning Inspectorate has appointed Kevin Ward BA(Hons) MRTPI and Martha Savage BSc(Hons) MCD MRTPI to undertake an independent examination of the plan.  

The hearings next week will look at three issues: 

  • whether the Local Plan 2040 follows procedural and legal requirements 

  • whether the Council has met the ‘duty to cooperate’ with neighbouring local authorities 

  • whether the plan is consistent with national planning policy in assessing Oxford’s needs and capacity for delivering new homes 

The Council has appointed an independent programme officer, Ian Kemp, to manage the examination and be the first point of contact for anyone with an interest in the process.  

Next steps 

The Council expects the planning inspectors will hold more hearings later this year covering policies in the plan as the examination progresses. 

The Local Plan 2040 could be adopted in the summer of 2025, when it would replace the existing Local Plan 2036. 

There is more information about the Local Plan examination on the Council’s website 

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