Oxford's labour market

Below are some of the key facts about Oxford’s labour market:

  • Oxford has extremely high employment levels within ‘knowledge intensive’ sectors; equivalent to 73% of total employment.
  • 60.2% of Oxford’s residents are qualified to NVQ level 4 or above. This is significantly higher when compared with the South East at 39%, and England at 36%.
  • Around 43,600 students, undergraduate and post-graduate, attend the city’s two universities; the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes.
  • Oxford’s importance as an employment location is further demonstrated by its job density; the ratio of all jobs to residents aged 16-64. The ratio is 1.08, again well above that of the South East (0.83) and Great Britain (0.8)
  • Oxford’s Job Seekers Allowance claimant rate is low at 0.6% or 715 individuals (December 2015). Youth claimant count is also low at 0.3% or 85 people. However, 21% of the population is economically inactive, just above the 19.9% South East average.
  • There is a high level of in- commuting with 46,000 people coming into the city to work on a daily basis.
  • We pay the Oxford Living Wage to all staff and contractors working for us.

Nomis publishes a profile of Oxford's labour market which contains the most comprehensive and up to date statistics. 

The download below provides more information on the spatial and sectoral distribution of employment across Oxford

Where do people work in Oxford? (August 2014)