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Oxford Living Wage Overview

The Oxford Living Wage is an hourly minimum wage designed to provide liveable earnings in Oxford, recognising the city's high cost of living. For 2024-25, the rate is £12.49 per hour.

This rate is set annually and is 95% of the London Living Wage, as determined by the Living Wage Foundation. You can learn more about this connection by visiting the Living Wage Foundation’s Real Living Wage.

Oxford City Council champions fair pay through its employer recognition scheme. We encourage employers paying the Oxford Living Wage to gain accreditation for wider recognition.

Benefits of the Oxford Living Wage

Earning a wage that supports household and family needs is crucial for worker motivation and retention. The Oxford Living Wage aims to ensure workers in Oxford earn enough to meet the city's living costs, particularly given its status as one of the UK's most expensive cities.

By offering the Oxford Living Wage, accredited employers show they value their staff. This initiative also addresses the challenge many workers face: choosing between higher living costs in Oxford or increased travel expenses from living outside the city.

The Oxford Living Wage has grown out of the Living Wage Foundation’s campaign which began 25 years ago, to secure a living wage not just a minimum wage. The Foundation’s campaign has found Living Wage employers have seen significant improvement in their reputation, staff retention, staff motivation and manager-staff relationships.

  • 80% of employers report improved staff quality of work with the Living Wage
  • enhanced loyalty and customer service, leading to fewer complaints
  • a 25% reduction in absenteeism
  • improved staff retention and reduced HR costs
  • 70% of employers note increased consumer recognition of their ethical employment practices

Find more information about the Living Wage Foundation and the national living wage initiative on the Living Wage website.

How to become an accredited Oxford Living Wage Employer

To apply for accreditation, companies need to follow a self-reporting system. This involves a commitment to the Oxford Living Wage in a signed letter to the Council.

  • directly-employed staff must be paid the Oxford Living Wage for eligibility. For contractors, there should be a plan to implement the Oxford Living Wage when feasible
  • employers must renew their commitment annually in November by sending a letter to the Council. Non-reaccredited employers will receive a reminder at year-end
  • while apprentices are not included in the accreditation, employers can opt to pay them the Oxford Living Wage
  • the Council may remove non-compliant employers from the accredited list
  • the Council may revise these criteria or the accreditation process, providing adequate notice

If you meet these criteria and wish to become an Oxford Living Wage Employer, please send a confirmation letter by email or post to our Economic Development Team, or complete this form to register your company or institution's interest and one of our team will get back to you. 

Contact the Economic Development Team

Address: Oxford City Council
Town Hall
St Aldate’s
Oxford, OX1 1BX

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