How we pay your benefit

Housing Benefits for Council Housing Tenants

If you are a council tenant, your benefit is normally paid directly to your rent account. There will be some situations where we have arranged with you to have it paid directly to your bank account.

Housing Benefit for Non-Council Housing Tenants

If you are not a council tenant, we will pay your housing benefit fortnightly or four-weekly in arrears. We can pay your Housing Benefit by cheque or directly into your bank account (BACS).

If you do choose to have your benefit paid into your bank account, this means that there is less chance of your cheque getting lost in the post and the money is cleared funds on the date that the payment is received.

If you would like to talk to us about switching to BACS payments, please contact us.

Housing Benefit payments made directly to landlords 

In most cases, payment of your Housing Benefit will be made to you but if you have difficulties with managing your money, perhaps due to health problems, you can make a request for us to make payment to your landlord.

It is important to remember that we are not able to pay your landlord your benefit in every case. If you ask us to pay directly to your landlord, payment will be made to them four-weekly in arrears.

If you ask for payments to be made to you and you fall behind with paying your rent by eight weeks or more, your landlord can ask us to pay your housing benefit directly to them and we may switch payments without your permission in some cases.

Council Tax Reduction 

Any Council Tax Reduction will be applied to your Council Tax bill in a lump sum, reducing the amount you will need to pay over the remainder of the year.