Applications for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction are made using the same online form.

Claim Housing Benefit online

To claim Housing Benefit using our online form if you're a pensioner, in temporary accommodation or supported accommodation (where you have to pay rent to a private landlord or Housing Association or a Council home)

Most people need to apply for Universal Credit's Housing Payment instead. 

For more information about when to claim Housing Benefit and when to claim Universal Credit, please see:

Claim Council Tax Reduction online

If you're awaiting a decision on your Universal Credit application you should still complete your Council Tax Reduction application as soon as possible.

You should use the form to claim Council Tax Reduction whether you're claiming Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. 

How we pay

Council Tax Reduction is applied to your Council Tax bill in a lump sum, reducing the amount you will need to pay over the remainder of the year.

See How we pay your Housing Benefit for the different ways Housing Benefit is paid.

Good to know

  • The online form is for new claims only.
  • Claiming online is the fastest way to make a new claim.
  • You can apply up to 13 weeks in advance.
  • Claim as soon as possible or you may lose the benefit.
  • The start date of your claim will normally be the Monday after we receive your submitted form.
  • You can save your online claim and return to it later but please submit it within 14 days of starting (or the start date of your claim may be affected).
  • When you've completed the form you'll find out what other information we need from you (you can send this to us by email or bring it to our offices).

Apply for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction

Contact the Benefits Team

When contacting us about an existing claim, please remember to include your reference number in your email.

Address: Oxford City Council
PO Box 10

Telephone: 01865 249811

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