Looking after your council home garden

You must keep your garden tidy by cutting the lawn and trimming the hedges and bushes and by keeping it free of rubbish. If you have difficulty in maintaining your garden see our Apply for help with your Council Garden page.

Bonfires and Barbecues

You can have a bonfire or barbecue as long as you do not cause a nuisance with the smoke or the smell of the smoke, and it does not cause any risk to the property or other buildings.


You must not damage or cut down any tree in your garden unless you have our written permission.

Leaving vehicles in your garden

You must not park a motor vehicle or trailer, caravan or boat anywhere in your garden without our permission. If we give permission you will need to apply to our recommended contractors to construct a drive or hard standing and a dropped kerb and to pay the cost of getting this done.

Erecting structures and ponds

You must get our written permission before you erect things like sheds, garages, pigeon lofts, aerials or satellite dishes, or if you want to carry out major landscaping or construct a pond.

Complaints about a neighbour's garden

All tenants have a responsibility to maintain their own gardens unless they qualify for the Summer Garden Scheme.

We will make sure that tenants maintain their own gardens or get help to do so. Contact us if you wish to complain about a neighbour's garden.