Crime in Oxford

Crime statistics

Crime statistics are held on the website. You can find:

Violent crimes line graph

Figure: Violent crime offences, from our Area Profile reports


Crime and Deprivation

According to the English Indices of Deprivation 2015, Oxford ranks 90 out of 326 districts on the Crime Domain. Oxford is now less relatively deprived in reported crimes compared to the previous Indices of Deprivation in 2010. Six out of 83 neighbourhoods in Oxford, however, are amongst the 10% most deprived areas for crime levels at the national level.

Below is a map showing the 83 neighbourhoods of Oxford colour-coded by the relative level of crime deprivation. The areas with relatively higher levels of crime are south and east of the city centre. The data that was used to measure crime were numbers of reported crime types relating to violence, burglary, theft, and criminal damage. 

Crime IMD 2015


More details about Oxford's results on the Crime Domain can be found in the Oxford Indices of Deprivation Report 2015

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Oxford Safer Communities Partnership is a partnership of agencies, including Oxford City Council, working to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in Oxford.