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Education Statistics

Oxford can be described as a well-educated city – in 2011 an estimated 43% of the population was qualified to degree level or above compared to an England average of 27%. In addition, 24% of the city's adult population was a full-time student (30,000 people) – the highest proportion in England and Wales.

There is also, however, a significant proportion of Oxford's population – 22% – that have no or low qualifications. 

The attainment levels of Oxford pupils have also been relatively poor compared to other areas in the country. Between 2010 and 2014, 51% of Oxford pupils at state-funded schools obtained 5 or more A*–C grades at GCSE (including English and Maths), lower than attainment percentages of the overall county and the rest of England (59% and 58%, respectively). See the map below for GCSE attainment levels throughout Oxfordshire districts.

Attainment levels at primary school were also relatively poor but have recently improved.

For more information on the inequalities in educational attainment and adult skills, see Oxford's results in the 2015 Indices of Deprivation Report for Oxford.

GCSE results across Oxfordshire and its neighbouring districts

Oxfordshire GCSE Results Graph 2010 to 2014

The above figure of GCSE results is for pupils attending state-funded schools. The information is collected and managed by the DfE in the School Census and National Pupil Database, which contains characteristics of pupils in schools, including their home address, as well as their attainment results.


Latest GSCE results by small areas (up to 2014) via Neighbourhood Statistics, or by local authority for 2014/2015 via Department of Education

Latest primary school (KS2) results (via Neighbourhood Statistics) 

Highest level of qualification, 2011 Census