Economic Statistics

  • Oxford is home to around 4,300 businesses providing 104,000 jobs.
  • The city has a large number of people employed in universities and the public sector, but also has significant jobs in other sectors including publishing, tourism, hospitality and a growing hi-tech sector fuelled by the highly-qualified workforce.
  • There is a high level of commuting in to the city. In 2011 100,000 people had their main job in Oxford and 46,000 of them lived outside the city.
  • Oxford is the seventh most visited city in the UK by international visitors and is the tourism gateway to the rest of Oxfordshire. We attract approximately 7 million visitors per year, generating £780 million of income for local Oxford businesses.
  • In common with the rest of the UK, there was a sharp increase in unemployment as a result of the 2008 recession. The number of people claiming unemployment benefit (Jobseeker's Allowance or JSA) rose from 1,600 in October 2008 to a peak of nearly 3,000 in May 2009. After four years in which the number of claims were elevated, there was a sharp fall during 2013. The number of claimants (830 in June 2015) is now significantly below the pre-recession average.
  • The number of people unemployed is different to the number of people claiming JSA - as some unemployed people choose not to claim or are not eligible to claim. The most recent estimate of Oxford's unemployment rate is 3.7% for the period Apr 2014-Mar 2015; this is (statistically) significantly below the national average of 6.0%.

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