HMO licence fees and charges

HMO Licence Fees and Charges


Application type



Higher Rate New Application
New application for a one-year licence where the HMO has been operating unlicensed for more than 12 weeks 



Standard New Application
New application for a one-year* licence where:
i) The HMO was acquired and/or began operating as an HMO within the previous 12 weeks; or
ii) The licence expired before a valid renewal application was completed; or
iii) Change of existing licence holder.
*May be eligible for longer licence in cases of  i) or iii) if Licence Holder holds other HMO licences with us and all relevant criteria are met at time of application



Standard Renewal
Annual renewal where there are no management concerns or outstanding licence conditions



Higher Rate Renewal
Annual renewal where there are management concerns, non-compliance issues or other reasons that re-inspection or audit is required



Two-year Renewal
Licence renewal for 2 years where all two-year licence criteria are met



Full Scheme or Five-Year Renewal
Licence renewal for 5 calendar years (mandatory HMOs) or to the end of the additional licensing scheme (24/01/2021)
Must meet all eligibility criteria



Optional charges for other services available


Service type



Fire Risk Assessment provided by our Building Control Service



HMO licensing advice (per visit)



Assisting tenant to apply for Rent Repayment Order (RRO)

10% of rent awarded by FtT




The licensing fees are set to recover the administrative and inspection costs. We can only offer refunds upon withdrawal of an application as below:

Circumstances of refund request

Amount refunded

Before inspection of the house
The retained amount covers the Council's preliminary administrative costs

Application fee less £109

After inspection completed
The retained amount covers the Council's administrative and inspection costs