Lodgers and Subletting


You are allowed to have a lodger, providing;

  • you will not have more than the maximum number of people allowed for the property
  • the property will be your primary residence

You are responsible for the behaviour of any lodger who living in the property.

You should find our about rules for checking your tenant's right to rent.


This will depend on the type of tenancy you have. 

Secure Tenancy

If you are a secure tenant you can ask to sublet part of your property while you live in only part of it. You must write to us asking for our permission. You must not sublet until you have received our permission in writing. 

We will not give permission for you to sublet the whole of the property to someone else and live somewhere else.

Introductory and Demoted Tenancy

You are not allowed to sublet any part of your property.


Different rules apply for leaseholders. Please see our Subletting if you are a leaseholder page.