Moving out Checklist

Before handing in your keys, make sure that:

  • the property is clean and tidy and you wipe down all worktops, sills, kitchen units and tiled floors
  • you have removed all your furniture, carpets and belongings including from sheds and lofts (but if you have rented furniture or appliances from us you must leave them all behind).
  • If you want to leave behind any carpets that are in good condition which the new tenants could find useful you should discuss this with our Void Property Team
  • you have left the garden tidy
  • you have not left rubbish in the house or garden
  • you have repaired or decorated the items that are your responsibility
  • you have contacted your gas, water, electricity and telephone companies to finalise your account. Keep a note of the meter reading to check your final bill
  • you have notified our Council Tax team that you are moving out. Visit our Moving House page for more information.
  • if you claim any benefits, you have notified the Benefits Agency and our Housing Benefit Team that you are moving. You can do this by using the details on the right hand side of the page.
  • you have made arrangements for your post to be redirected. You can arrange for this to be done automatically by the Post Office
  • you have returned your parking permit (if you had one)
  • you have given TV Licensing your new address