How we calculate your rent and service charge

How we calculate your rent

Rent and service charges are calculated according to the type of property that you live in and the type of services that you receive.

The government wants all councils and housing associations to charge similar rents for similar properties, so they provide a formula to work out the rent we should charge. It takes into account such things as local earnings, property valuations and the number of bedrooms.

Rent statements and balances

At the beginning of your tenancy the total amount of rent you must pay is shown in your Tenancy Agreement.

Four times a year we will send you a statement that shows all the payments that you have made into your account.

You are also able to request a rent statement detailing your balance at other times of the year by using our Rent Enquiry form.

What your rent pays for

Rent allows us to keep improving homes, communities and the lives of our tenants.

This includes:

  • a quality repairs service
  • new heating, insulation work, kitchens, bathrooms, windows, roofs and doors
  • the environmental services and improvements around your home
  • welfare and fuel advice to help you make the most out of your money.