Garages to Rent

You can rent a garage from us even if you are not a Council tenant. We give priority to tenants and people with disabilities.

Garage locations and availability

Use our Garage Search page to show all garage locations near you and find available garages to rent.

Apply for a Garage

You can apply online or contact us for more information. 


The rent for garages in the city is:

  • Council Tenants: £17.85 per week or £20.16 per week (depending on area)
  • Others: £21.42 per week or £24.19 per week depending on area (£17.85 or £20.16 + VAT)

We have a reduced rental charge for disabled people, and additional discounts are available if you are:

  • Buying or leasing a car, or have bought a car through the Motability Scheme or privately
  • Receive the Higher rate Disability Living Allowance with a mobility component

This does not apply automatically to all Blue Badge Holders. You must prove you qualify for the reduced rent and provide a copy of your car documents. 

You can pay for your garage by Direct Debit. Use our forms to set this up:

Garages - Direct Debit Form

Conditions of Use

Our garages are only to be used as a domestic garage, to house a private motor vehicle, unless we give you written permission to use the garage to store bicycles, personal household items and/or garden items. 

You can download the full conditions below:

Conditions of Licence for a Garage

To apply for permission to use a garage for other storage, use the permission letter below: 

Permission for storage- Letter template

Ending a Rent Agreement

You must give us notice of one calendar month if you wish to end your tenancy. You need to send this in writing to us using the form below:

Garages Notice to Quit Form