Noise Control Advice - Burglar Alarms

Out of Hours Noise Service

Please be aware that Oxford City Council no longer provides an out of hours weekend noise service and will not attend night time noise complaints. You can report incidents of nuisance noise online via our report it form or email If you are reporting disorder in the street, drunken or rowdy behaviour this should be reported through to Thames Valley Police.

Audible intruder alarms are widely used to protect property from unauthorised entry and are often required by insurance companies. Burglar alarms that are sounding should be reported to the Police so that evidence of criminal activity can be investigated.

The Council and Police, however, receive many complaints about alarm systems that sound for long periods of time, causing serious noise disturbance to neighbours, and where there is no evidence of a break-in. In fact, over 90% of all alarms sounding are false due to faults.

Report Noise Problems Online