This page describes the ways you can report a noise problem to us. It also lists the types of noise reports we can deal with and those we cannot.

How to report a noise problem

Report a noise nuisance using the online form

Report a noise problem using The Noise App

The Noise App allows residents to record noise issues on their Apple or Android smartphone or tablet and send the recording directly to the City Council. 

Our investigators receive noise recordings almost immediately and can act more quickly if the noise is particularly bad.

Download the App for free at The Noise App website.

Noise you can report

Noise nuisances you can report to us:

  • noisy neighbours, such as loud music, parties, shouting, arguing, door slamming, alarms, DIY at unreasonable hours
  • noise from commercial premises, such as entertainment, ventilation systems, alarms
  • noise from industrial premises, such as factories, construction sites, demolition, alarms
  • noise in the street, such as car alarms or loud stereos, ice cream vans, busking and street entertainment
  • noise from animals, such as barking dogs
  • noise from events, such as college balls

Noise that cannot be reported

Noise complaints that are not actionable by any authority:

  • noise from military air traffic
  • emergency service vehicle sirens
  • children playing
  • day-to-day activities such as conversations, flushing toilets, mowing the lawn or vacuuming at reasonable times of the day

Noise complaints you can report but we don't deal with

These noise complaints are dealt with by other organisations:

Out-of-hours noise problems

Oxford City Council no longer provides an out-of-hours noise service and will not attend night-time noise complaints. 

You may still report noise nuisance (using the online form or the Noise App) which we'll pick up during working hours.

Please continue to report drunken behaviour, rowdy behaviour or disorder in the street to Thames Valley Police.


We have a policy of keeping complainant details confidential, although often neighbours will guess who has complained without officers giving information. If a case leads to prosecution you may be asked to give evidence in court.

Contact the Noise Pollution Team

Address: Town Hall
St Aldate's

Telephone: 01865 249811

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