Local government structure and service responsibilities

Oxfordshire has a two-tier system of local government. This means that your council services are provided by two different councils.

We (Oxford City Council) run services such as planning, leisure and waste collection, while Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for running services such as libraries, schools and social care.

We are a District Council and are the democratically-elected body for Oxford.

In Oxfordshire, there is one county council (Oxfordshire County Council) and five district councils (Oxford City Council, Cherwell, South Oxfordshire, Vale of White Horse and West Oxfordshire).

Visit the GOV.UK website for more about how councils work.

Service responsibilities

In partnership with others, we provide a wide range of services for approximately 154,600 residents, 118,000 people who work in Oxford and 7 million people who visit the city every year. For a general list of how services in Oxford are split between Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council, please see the table below:


Visit the Oxfordshire County Council website for more information about their services.