Single Person Discount Reviews

Every year the council reviews the council tax accounts where single person discount (SPD) has been awarded. We do this to make sure we are billing you for the correct amount.

We match the accounts with SPD against other data that we hold and that we are legally able to get from other organisations, such as banks or mobile phone companies. 

Where these matches show a link to another person living at your property, or that you may be no longer living at the property, then we will contact you to check your circumstances. 

Oxford City Council are using an online portal to manage this process. If you have received an email or letter from us asking for you to complete a review then you will need to login to our portal and provide the answers to a short set of questions. 

To complete the review you will need your council tax account number and your property reference number.  We will include both of these in the email or letter that we sent you. 

Do not phone, email or write to us to respond to your review and we need you respond on the portal. 

You can complete your SPD review on the portal by clicking this button.

Submit your SPD review