Electric vehicle charging points

Locations of electric charging points in Council owned car parks are shown on the map below:

POLAR network

The following charging points are operated by the POLAR network. To access these sites, please visit the POLAR Network website and sign up using the online form. All new members receive 6 months free and membership then costs just £7.85 per month. For full information and to see their live map of 5,000 charging points nationwide, please visit the POLAR plus website. Any faults should be reported by using their 24/7 helpline on 0330 016 5126 or by emailing [email protected].

  • Headington Car Park
  • Pear Tree Park and Ride (single charger with two outlets)
  • Seacourt Park and Ride (single charger with two outlets)
  • Thornhill Park and Ride
  • Summertown Car Park
  • Union Street
  • Worcester Street Car Park

Swarco E.connect network

Redbridge Park and Ride (single charger with two outlets) operates on the Swarco E.connect network. Usage on this charger costs 25p per KWh.

Charging points across the UK

You can also see a map of charging points across the UK on the Zap Map website.