Lord Mayor of Oxford

The Lord Mayor is the first Citizen of the City of Oxford. The first recorded Mayor of Oxford is Turchillus, 1122-1123, and mayors' names stretch in an unbroken line until 1962 when the dignity of Lord Mayor was granted to Oxford by Queen Elizabeth ll. 

Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and Sheriff of Oxford

  • The Lord Mayor of Oxford is Councillor Craig Simmons
  • The Deputy Lord Mayor is Councillor Mohammed Altaf Khan
  • The Sheriff of Oxford is Councillor Steve Goddard
Lord Mayor of Oxford - Councillor Craig Simmons, Deputy Lord Mayor of Oxford - Councillor Mohammed Altaf Khan, Sheriff of Oxford - Councillor Steve Goddard

Lord Mayor of Oxford - Councillor Craig Simmons, Deputy Lord Mayor of Oxford - Councillor Mohammed Altaf Khan, Sheriff of Oxford - Councillor Steve Goddard

Lord Mayor's duties

The Lord Mayor represents the Council at civic and ceremonial events. He/she spends a great deal of time promoting the City, the key initiatives of the Council and supporting a wide range of Oxford based voluntary and other organisations. 

The Lord Mayor generally carries out in excess of 300 engagements each year. These engagements cover a wide spectrum of events from high profile Royal visits and leading the City's annual Remembrance Sunday service, to small community group meetings and charity events. 

The Lord Mayor also chairs meetings of full council.

The post of Lord Mayor of Oxford is different to that of the Mayor of London in that it is a ceremonial post carrying no political power. The political head of the City Council is the Leader of the Council. 

How the Lord Mayor is chosen

The Lord Mayor is elected annually in May when all city councillors meet together at the Annual Meeting of Council. The Lord Mayor must be a councillor and is chosen on length of service. Each Lord Mayor's term of office is for one year, during which time he/she also continues their ward duties. 

Lord Mayor of Oxford - Councillor Craig Simmons

Councillor Simmons lives in East Oxford with his partner and teenage daughter. He has represented the area on the County and then City Council for more than 20 years. He works in East Oxford for a locally headquartered, international sustainability consultancy. Craig is a keen cyclist and community campaigner having established the East Oxford Farmer's Market and Low Carbon East Oxford as well as co-founding the Cowley Road Carnival and local car club.   

His supported organisations for the coming year are Asylum Welcome and The Lord Mayor’s Climate Change Fund.

Deputy Lord Mayor of Oxford - Councillor Mohammed Altaf Khan

Born in Kashmir, South Asia, Cllr Mohammed Altaf-Khan came to the UK in the late 1980's. He was first elected in 2005 as a Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Headington and Marston Division and served for two consecutive terms. In 2006 he was elected as a Liberal Democrat City Councillor for the Headington Hill and Northway Ward and served for two consecutive terms. In 2014 he was elected to represent the Headington Ward.

Sheriff of Oxford - Councillor Steve Goddard

Steve Goddard came to Oxford in 1987 and lives in Wolvercote with his wife and two children. He has served on the City Council, representing Wolvercote Ward, for eleven years, from 1996-2002 and 2014-2019. He has a particular interest on environmental issues and, as a keen cyclist, in transport issues. He works as a lecturer in French, and in his spare time enjoys birdwatching and natural history, reading and travel.

Mayoral Invitations

The Lord Mayor welcomes invitations to attend events, no matter how small or large. If you have an event you would like the Lord Mayor to attend, please contact the Civic Office Holders' Executive Assistant.

Send invitation to the Lord Mayor

Unfortunately, due to demand, it is not possible for the Lord Mayor to attend every event to which he/she is invited. In these circumstances, it is generally possible for the Deputy Lord Mayor or the Sheriff of Oxford to attend instead.

Please note we require a minimum of four weeks notice of your event. Invitations received at short notice may not be considered. Thank you for your cooperation.

Lord Mayor's Engagements 

Civic Engagements Calendar (PDF)

The Lord Mayor’s Supported Organisations for 2019-20

Asylum Welcome

Asylum Welcome is an Oxford-based charity with a national reputation. It works respectfully alongside asylum seekers, refugees and migrants at risk of detention, to promote welcome, safety and opportunities to share talents. AW is a registered immigration advice centre and also provides employment and education advisors, a job club, English lessons, a youth club and social work with unaccompanied children and young people, IT training, food, bicycles and community activities. It runs thanks to 160 active local volunteers, a small expert staff team and the generous donations of local supporters.

Lord Mayor’s Climate Change Fund

The Lord Mayor of Oxford has teamed up with Low Carbon Hub to establish the The Lord Mayor’s Climate Change Fund. The Fund will collect donations from individuals and organisations keen to take action on climate change. The money raised will then be invested by The Lord Mayor’s Charity Trust in the Low Carbon Hub’s Community Energy Fund which supports local action to tackle the global issue of climate change making a tangible difference to the future of our community.

Donations towards the Lord Mayor’s fundraising efforts are always welcomed. Donations can be made via cheque (made payable to Lord Mayor of Oxford Charity Trust) or via BACS (Account Number 61173455, Sort Code 08-90-38). Thank you for your support.

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If you would like to help the Lord Mayor of Oxford in this work or get involved in any of these charities or donate money to them please contact us.

Past Lord Mayors of Oxford

For a full list of past Lord Mayors of Oxford, please visit Wikipedia.