Community Centres

There are 19 operational community centres in Oxford, many of which are owned by Oxford City Council. The centres are managed by Community Associations made up of local workers and volunteers.

Community leases are granted to tenants whose work is aligned to supporting the delivery of the Council’s Corporate Plan. 

These tenants do not generally pay the market rent. Instead, a reduction from the market rent is calculated to reflect the value of the services provided by the organisations concerned to the community.

The criteria for the award of a community lease requires that applicant organisations are:

  • Contributing to the agreed Council priorities for communities (alignment of objectives and strategy/work to Council priorities).
  • Delivering services to City residents on an open and equal basis, taking account of the need to tackle the social and economic inequalities in our communities.
  • Making clear efforts to deliver a good quality of service provision, including outreach, and continuous improvement policies.
  • Well-managed and effective and conducts regular self-evaluations.
  • Able to show sound finances and a clear financial and business plan.
  • Willing to provide the Council with an annual update on its performance and the plans it has for the year ahead in a face to face meeting.
  • Not realistically able to pay market rent without detriment to service delivery.

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